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Winter Quarter Temple

Winter Quarters Temple Trip
When an event happens in your life and it's worth recording, this is one of them. Last night's trip to the Temple was something that I don't think I could ever forget. As committed to my 365 days of service, I am seeing that blessings are coming in, especially from yesterday's trip.

There is an Elder that has been in the mission field for nearly 2 years, and his name is Elder Frehner. About a year or so ago, He was serving in an area that met a family. John and Dacia Boston, who had a son, Anthony. With the teaching from Elder Frehner and his companion, they were able to baptized the family into the church. Well, a year later or so, the family was to go through the temple for the first time, and wanted Elder Frehner to be presented to witness the event.

Elder Frehner and his companion, Elder Davis, had a ride to the Winter Quarters Temple with a member who had canceled on them. So at the last minute, they scrambled by calling all the other Elders in Wichita to find somebody who would be willing to take them up to Winter Quarters. It is nearly 400 miles from here, and in a case like this, it would be very hard to find somebody who would be willing to take them. Somehow the request came to me, and I didn't give a second thought and I was willing to take them. The Lord knew that I would want to keep up with the 365 days of service, and they were led to me.

So the Trip began at 4:15 in the morning, as we had to get there by 11:00 AM. I knew this trip was going to be 15 hours or longer, and it was going to be a long day, especially when I'm doing the driving and such. So we left at my apartment and began to drive to Omaha, Nebraska. With the unfamiliarity of getting there, I had opt to take the route that goes to Kansas City, so that I can stay on the freeway for the majority of the trip. It took us 7 hours to get to the temple, including the hour break that we had for breakfast at IHOP in Olathe, KS.

We arrived safety at the Winter Quarters Temple and on time. As I had planned the trip, I was so glad that my planning pulled off very well since I have done a lot of traveling on my own. I was very pleased that we got there okay.

The moment we got there, was the moment that blessings were starting to come in the door in my life, that I am so thankful for the idea of helping somebody each day for the next 365 days. I'll do my best to describe what had happen during the stay at the temple.

When a new missionary started serving in the Bel-Aire Ward, here in Wichita, I quickly connected to him. Elder Garlington was from the area that I served my mission in, and prior to meeting him, I had said that I wanted to give away my mountain bike to a new Missionary so that he can use it for the mission. It turns out that Elder Garlington was the one that got my bike, and during his stay here, I was able to work with him so that he can teach me the missionary lessons. It was a great month getting to know him. Well, transfers came, and he was to leave to another area. I thought I would never see him again, but it turned out that he did come to the temple session yesterday. His companion had known the family that was going through the temple for the first time, so he brought Elder Garlington along. It was great to see him.

When I went through the temple for the first time at the Bountiful Temple, in Utah, I told myself that I would never go through the sealing session for the dead until I got the chance to do it for myself. I kept that commitment for nearly 12 years. Well, as I was taking the missionaries to the Winter Quarters Temple, I had the chance to learn that we would be doing the endowment session and the sealing session as well. My thought was, "I am not going to attend so that I can keep the commitment." Turns out that I decided to let that commitment go so that I can attend. The sealing wasn't for the dead, but it was for the living. It was a blessing to see it happen before my eyes.

We did the Endowment session which was wonderful. Then we were to do the Sealing Session afterward. I had witness John and Dacia Boston being sealed for all eternity and it was very special. It had made me cry because as I was listening to the sealer talk about Alma 50, I felt the spirit come to me and as I witness the sealing of John and Dacia, my heart grew as in hopes that I'll be sealed to someone who would be very special to me. I did not know the Boston family, but seeing this happen before my eyes was amazing. It was quite a blessing for me to see it. Then moments later, after John and Dacia was sealed, their son, Anthony, was brought in. Watching Anthony walking up to the Altar and kneeling down, placing his hands on his parents hands was amazing. Right then, the holy ghost came over me a hundred times stronger than ever, and I broke out in tears. It just reminded me of the Holy Ghost talking to me as I first remembered it when I was in the Oklahoma Temple a few months ago. I knew this was a good thing as I saw the sealing ordinance before my eyes for the first time.

There was a girl there that knew the Boston family. She reminded me of Angela in many ways. I knew she wasn't Angela, but as I saw her, I felt that the spirit was telling me something. Or I may have just wanted to feel this way, I honestly don't know, but it was a blessing to me. This girl was about the same height as Angela was, she has the same skin complexion, she had the same haircut as she did. She looked somewhat like Angela. It bothered me a little bit because I had driven nearly 400 miles and not expect to see this girl who looks so much like her. So as I got to the Celestial Room, I prayed about Angela and asked if she is still the right person for me, and if this girl being in the same room as I am, is trying to tell me something. I felt a tingly feeling from the Holy Ghost. I don't want to describe what I really think of the whole thing, but I just find it quite a blessing to help me feel good about the gospel and what I am going through in life right now.

After the temple trip, we all gathered together at the entrance of the temple and took pictures. I had the chance to take my picture with Elder Garlington, which once again was wonderful to see him. And I knew that I had a long trip back to Wichita, but I decided to let Elder Frehner and Elder Davis mingle with the other missionaries who also attended the session to spend time with the Boston Family. It was a special day for them, as well it was for me, even though I am just a driver.

On our way back to Wichita, I decided to take the route that my GPS suggested. I was afraid to do so at first because I wasn't familiar with the area. But driving up, I understood what I was dealing with. So I took a chance to drive back taking the old highway, and it would shave off 1.5 hour of the trip and we would be back in Wichita by 9 PM instead of by midnight. Well, the road I took back was far away from civilization, and I wasn't really distracted by a lot of things. The Elders were tired, so they slept. It allowed me to think about a few things going on in my life.

I am so glad that I am doing the 365 day of service. I have no doubt that I made the right choice to serve the Lord. I am pretty sure that I'll be doing it more than 365 days, but this is a step to lead me to the right direction. I feel that this year will change my life in ways that I am not sure what to expect right now.

I learned something about myself and why I was angry in the past when I had tried to be the nice guy. On my way back, I had thought about the things I learned about myself. I read a book several weeks ago, "Five Love Languages," by Dr. Gary Chapman. I found that Quality time with people is what makes me happy, and it's what I yearn for. Let me put together what I have learned in the past month:

Last month, I decided to help the Black Family go to Scotland by watching their dogs. In the process, they would let me stay at their house so that it can make my life easier. I was happy to do it for them as I don't mind helping one another. They were going to offer me $250 and some other things. I turned it down because I didn't really need those things. I couldn't quite explain why I did that, as it wasn't what I was looking for to make me feel satisfied about the service I have done for others.

When I started doing the 365 day of service, and I had not missed a day since 2 weeks ago, it made me happy to help others. I've had a few people offer me gifts or some sort of reimbursements and I still turned them down. It wasn't what I was looking for, and people still wonder what it is it that I want.

I had discovered this desire that I want last night as I made the trip to the Temple and back. For years, I had wanted to help people out and I love spending time with people. Yet with my hearing loss, I struggle with this because when I am with people, I quite often have a hard time understanding what is going on, and yet I am left out. But I get mad because I don't spend time with the people as I want to. Quite often, I love spending time with someone one on one because I get to talk and understand what the person is talking about.

When I took the missionaries, I had the chance to talk to them for nearly 17 hours. I had a great time. At the end of the trip, the elders were so thankful. They knew that I paid for the trip, meaning that I paid for the gas, and I paid for the breakfast and dinner for all three of us. They wanted to find a way to pay me back, and I turned them down. I told them that they did a lot for me, and this whole trip was a blessing. I had quality time with them, and I was happy. I knew that I had spend money to make this trip possible, and I knew that it was going to dig my pocket a bit deeper. But deep down, I knew that the Lord will provide me a way to get through life, and I had faith that I would be taken care of one way or another.

See, I finally understood why I was overbearing with Angela and why I got angry at people for not doing things with me. I understood why I was frustrated because I quite often feel alone. I do want to get married to the right person for the right reason. A big part of me still feels that it's Angela because when I had spend time with her, the Quality time was amazing, and I loved it. I wanted more and I went too far that it drove her nuts and now she isn't speaking to me. I do hope that she'll have a change of heart and give me another chance someday. But the blessing of this whole trip is discovering who I really am. The visit to the Temple really helped that. I will still continue to help one another...but a big part of me will yearn for quality time more than getting gifts from anybody else.


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Apr. 9th, 2011 02:39 pm (UTC)
Good dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Apr. 9th, 2011 02:46 pm (UTC)
Really? how so?
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