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Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Anxiously waiting... that's what I am doing right now...waiting to hear from Kelley. I wasn't quite focus on work today as I was hoping to see the e-mail from Kelley, or any word from her.

It's funny, people has pointed out that I waited for 2 months before I asked her out. Truth is, I never did. I pretty much waited for two weeks for that time to come, which of course we all know that it never turned out the way I hoped. Over the 2 month period, I have ran into Kelley a few times, and the more I got to know her, the more I became interested in her. That last meeting we had, just pretty much confirmed that I wanted to get to know her more by asking her out. Slowly, the 2 weeks went by, and I wasn't really stressed out about it.

What people had pointed out that, if it's on my terms of waiting, I can be cool about it, but when it falls on somebody else...I get worked up. This was something that I never expected to happen, and now I'm very anxious to hear what Kelley has to say.

As I was curious if Sandra has given the Rose to Kelley over the weekend, I decided to call her. Sandra did call Kelley about the "Unclaimed Pink Rose." Sandra has told me that she was out of town for the weekend, but once she found out about it, she was very excited and can't wait to see the Rose. She was coming home tonight, so she may get it then or tomorrow. Well, it's nearly 10 PM, I can't say that she's got it, but I can be certain that she knows about it. So, I'm excited.

But, I'm still anxiously waiting to hear from her. It's driving me nuts.