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The Unclaimed Pink Rose

Today's the day that contains, "The Moment of Truth..." That moment came and went. Sigh, boy, do I have a lot to say about it!

I had planned on asking Kelley out today. I was really nervous about it. I got up this morning, and all I could think about was, "When can I do this? When should I go? How can I do this..." I'm very good at making friends, and people do love talking to me. But when it comes to asking a girl out or something like that...I don't like moving too fast. I like to take the time to get to know somebody, and I do find that it's the best thing you can ever have!

The way how I approach on coming to ask Kelley out, I have no regrets. I know I took my time, and I was content. I knew what I was doing. All the events that Kelley and I had, were quite interesting, and of course it led me to want to ask her out. And today, that was my goal.

In my mind, the goal was simple. Get her one single pink rose, tell her Happy Valentine's day, and tell her that I'm interested in getting to know her better, and ask her out. Just simple as that.

In reality, I did go get the pink rose, and the person who did it, did a great job! So, on my way back home, I was a bit nervous, but ready to give it to her. I walked in the office, and to my surprise...she wasn't there. Sandra, which is a good friend of mine happened to be there, and I was a bit perplex about it. I knew she was scheduled to be working today, so I asked Sandra if Kelley was today today.

I found out that she no longer worked there. I was bummed out! Then I told Sandra, that the pink rose I got for her....I was going to give it to her today, and ask her out. She thought it was sweet. Also, Sandra has saved the day for me. She keeps in contact with Kelley, and she said that she is willing to give the rose to her tonight. I was very pleased with that, and left her my contact info, so that she can get a hold of me.

It was the best way for me to ensure that she gets the rose. I'm just really bummed out that I didn't give it to her in person. So, it's 5:10 now, and Sandra just got off work. So, within the next few hours, she'll claim the pink rose.