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Valentine's Day...an Idiot's Story

In my perspective, the world's most worst holiday is coming up in a few days. It is the one day that I never really enjoyed since 12th grade in High School. I never went to the Prom or any other dances at my school while growing up because I had lived about 20 miles away. My School was in Washington Terrace, Utah, and I lived in Syracuse, UT, so I never really stay or attend to any of the after school activities, which I now look back and regret. But that's not the point of the story.

The summer before my Senior year, I was working at Lagoon and I met a girl, Suzanne Noyce. Oh, a lot of guys liked her, and so did I. She attended to Roy High and I went to Bonneville, but still lived in Syracuse. But we kept in touch, over the months after our summertime break. Given that all the guys were chasing after her, I was the one guy that she enjoyed talking to. Suzanne was an very amazing person.

In 1996, there was a Valentine Dance, and I just had started a new job, which I started to bring in the money. I also had a car, so getting to Bonneville and back was getting easier, and I did stay after school to work on stuff that eventually made me an Engineer. So, getting around was easier for me, and since Valentine Dance was just around the corner, I asked Suzanne out and she said yes.

Oh, my thoughts were running up and down, and I was very excited. The theme of the dance was to wear matching shirts. As much as I wanted to make this night memorable, I went out and made reservations to a restaurant, had my Mom get us 2 Browning long sleeve shirts, got new clothes for that night, cleaned out my car, trying to make the best impression as I could. All this for one night with Suzanne.

The night came, and I met up at her house. I met her parents for the first time, and Suzanne was very excited. Took a few pictures, and off we went. We ate and had a good time, then we went to the dance. The night was perfect, as we danced a few times, and took pictures. Then Suzanne said, "Let's get out of here."

We got to the car, and I said, "What do you want to do?" She told me she wanted me to go for a drive, perhaps to the Trapper's Loop. Now, the Trapper's loop goes up to the Ogden Canyon, to a small town in the mountains, and you have to drive through the mountains, and come out to Weber Canyon. There was about 20 miles of total darkness.

As I was just a teenager at the time, I never really caught on with the hint that Suzanne was giving out. As I drove out for a while, Suzanne and I talked for a bit, and she was giving me hints, and I never caught on. So, Suzanne decided to take a short nap, until I finished the loop. That night, Suzanne and I had a lot of fun, but I never knew that she wanted to kiss me. Of all the signs she gave me, I was just an idiot. I could have had my first kiss with this girl, and I did like her a lot. I just never knew how to make a move on a girl, and I blew it.

After I dropped Suzanne at home, we talked for a bit and it went well. Well, a few weeks later, I wrote a letter to Suzanne and told her how I felt. I told her that I wanted us to pursue a relationship. Well, she wrote back a few days later, and it was the most heartbreaking letter I ever got. She wanted us to be friends, and it was hard. I later learned that night we went to the dance, and I never kissed her, she thought I wasn't interested in her, which hurt her very much. And I never got in touch with her for weeks, she moved on. But she was surprised that I wrote to her, and perhaps her feelings about me has changed.

Ever since that Valentine's Day comes around, it reminds me of that dance, and each year, I see people being with their love ones, and it bothers me. I have never been in a relationship that has overlap February 14th, and I have been in a few of them, and they don't work out very well. So, when that day comes, I think about the relationships that I have been, and ask myself a few "what if" questions. So, it's been that way for many years.

Yes, last year, I used to go out with this girl, Hannah, who married (Whatever explicative name you want to put here) on February 14th, and it even made me hate that day more, but it wasn't the reason why I hated Valentine's day.

But...now I just met Kelley, and I am going to be asking her out. My hope is that the curse will be broken, and perhaps next year, the relationship could overlap Valentine's day, and if it does...I won't hate it anymore. So, I'm only days away from asking her, and I'm getting a bit nervous.